Sunday, October 10, 2010

A little behind.

This morning Charly (age 6) on her own, drew her bath, bathed herself, dressed herself and came out of her room twirling around in her Sunday best. Sariah laying on my lap in one of Charly's baby outfits made me so aware of how quickly time had passed from my first experiences as a mother. It seemed like last week I was dressing Charly for church in this same outfit and now a growing, bright, and striking young woman was staring back at me and asking..."How do I look?" I responded, "Charly, you are absolutely beautiful!"I could see how my baby girl had seemingly blossomed obvious look of pride on her face I added, "you know what beauty is even more important than how you look on the outside?" she stopped twirling and looked on inquisitively as I continued..."It's more important to be beautiful on the INSIDE..." She stepped toward me and seriously said..."Mom, I know thats why I wash my butt real good." I laughed and she giggled skipping back to her room.


  1. LOL LOL That is toooooo funny!! What a comedian our Charly is all the time!! She is indeed growing right before our eyes and I am so glad that you all got to come and spend time with us!! THANK YOU so much for being here and letting us hug on our BEAUTIFUL Grandchildren...and you and Marc!! WE LOVE YOU GUYS so much and cherish the times we get to be with you!!

  2. AMEN to that Charly. I dunno if it's a Toloa thing or not but it seems to be real important to us to be sure to "wash our butts" that we repeat it to our kids a lot. That must be where we get our "real" beauty. LOL. ;)
    Love you (Lan) and miss the family!